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We were also able to have a number of dates in the winter months  to reserve  to still be able to play at Golf Course Tespelduyn.

We have linked The FootGolf Motion WinterSeries to these dates, where everyone who has played at least 3 rounds of play can compete for the prizes. If you play 4 rounds or more, only your best 3 results will count.

An overall ranking will be maintained, with the top 3 being awarded free entry to the Motion Club Night: 

Number 1 - 4 times free entry

Number 2 - 2 times free entry

Number 3 - 1 free entry

There will also be played in the categories  Men, Senior (46 or older) and Ladies, where in each category the best player not finishing in the top 3 of the overall standings will be awarded 1 free entry to a Motion Club Night of your choice.


1 - Sunday October 17 - 4:00 PM

2 - Saturday, November 13 - 1:00 PM

3 - Sunday 12 December - 1:00 PM

4 - Sunday 27 February - 2:00 PM

5 - Sunday 13 March - 2:30 PM

6 - Sunday 27 March - 4:00 PM

If the golf course cannot be played due to frost, winter greens or other blocking reasons, the relevant round will be cancelled. In the event that 3 or more rounds expire, the number of rounds played will all count towards the final ranking.


The FootGolf Motion Lid

€ 15,-




If in the final standings there is a tie between one or more players on the best 3 results, the best daily score is decisive. If still tied, then the second best daily score, then the third day score and then the fourth day score will be considered.


If still tied, the moment of achieving the third counting score is decisive; whoever gets their three counting scores first wins.

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motion winter series

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