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Since the training evenings on Friday will no longer be organized from 25 September until Friday 2 April 2021, we have reserved a number of dates in the winter period so that we can still play at Tespelduyn golf course.


We have linked The FootGolf Motion Winter Series to these data, in which everyone who has played at least 4 rounds of play, competes for the prizes. If you play 5 rounds or more, only your best 4 results count.


The games are played in the categories Men, Senior (46 or older) and Ladies.
In addition, an overall classification is maintained, whereby the overall winner wins an 18-hole FootGolf round for 10 people worth € 325, offered by Golfbaan Tespelduyn.















If the golf course cannot be played due to frost, winter greens or other blocking reasons, the relevant round of play will be canceled. In case 3 or more rounds of play are canceled, the number of rounds played all count towards the final ranking.









If the golf course is not playable due to frost, winter greens or other blocking reasons, a refund of € 15 or € 25 will be made.

In case the package is purchased for 7 rounds, € 0 will be refunded on the first cancellation and then € 15 or € 25 per canceled game round.




If you have already registered - and paid - for the Tespelduyn Open , as a member you will receive a € 15 discount and as a non-member € 25 on the participation fee of the Winter Series.



If there is a tie in the final ranking between one or more players over the best 4 results, the best daily score is decisive. If still equal, the second best daily score is considered, then the third day score and then the fourth day score.


If still the same, the moment at which the fourth counting score is achieved is decisive; whoever is the first to achieve his four counting scores wins.

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