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cool! You have successfully registered yourself and your team for the Tespelduyn Team Throphy and we look forward to welcoming you at Landgoed Tespelduyn on Sunday 11 April.  

We have also just sent you a confirmation email, which may have ended up in your spam. This email is, among other things, your entrance to this page, if for whatever reason you do not pay immediately.

The only thing that needs to be done now to confirm the registration is to make the payment. Because the final registration costs depend on any members in your team, we have prepared 5 possible payment requests for you.

Do you make sure that you transfer the correct amount?

We would like to ask you to provide at least your name and team name in the payment. That makes the administration a little easier for us.

0 Motion members in the team

2 Motion members in the team

4 Motion members in the team

1 Motion member in the team

3 Motion members in the team

5 Motion members in the team

*Prices are exclusive of transaction costs of €2.50 if paid via the payment link

You can of course also transfer the money by bank transfer. In that case you do not pay any transaction costs. Here too we ask you to state both your name and the team name to make our administration easier.


Below our bank details.



IBAN - NL17 BUNQ 2045 9184 24

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